Verity Lane Market

Principal Partner

Verity Lane Market is Canberra’s gastronomic ground zero: a magnificent food hall featuring chef-driven cuisine and world-class drinks right in the heart of Canberra.

We work with these creative organisations, small businesses and food friends to enhance your experience.

Connoisseurs all. Like us, they understand what it takes to create a space that allows the Food & Words audience to relax and enjoy the experience we’ve created. Collectively, they house the event, feed, water and educate us and make sure that we go home with a heavy tote bag at the end of the day. We treasure their support of Food & Words and appreciate their contribution.

Come on, we’d like to introduce you.

Meet Ella Phillips, Canberra graphic design student and the talent behind Food & Wine's artwork for 2021.

Ella Phillips

Our Courses

'Each weekly get-together was a warm celebration and such an incentive to keep writing.'  —Susan M, Write with Intent student