Sydney Living Museums

Food & Words has become what it is, in part, because of the incredible space we use for the event – the auditorium, bar and courtyard of The Mint. With one foot in the old world (it was built in fine Sydney sandstone in 1816 as a hospital and then in the 1850s became the Sydney branch of London’s Royal Mint) and the other in the new (the contemporary, architect-designed auditorium), the space perfectly reflects our own occupation with stories that tell us where we’ve come from and where we’re headed. Importantly, this is also the site of the Caroline Simpson Library and its research collection; the library is not an ivory tower but a beautiful space that welcomes visitors. 

We’re proud to have introduced The Mint to people who hadn’t ventured past the front gate before. The site is just one of 12 historic houses and museums in the Sydney Living Museums portfolio. To find out more, signup to become a member (and get free entry year-round), check dates for upcoming events (Sydney Open anyone?), volunteer, or contribute to the Annual Appeal and help with the upkeep of these significant heritage properties, go to

We work with these creative organisations, small businesses and food friends to enhance your experience.

Connoisseurs all. Like us, they understand what it takes to create a space that allows the Food & Words audience to relax and enjoy the experience we’ve created. Collectively, they house the event, feed, water and educate us and make sure that we go home with a heavy tote bag at the end of the day. We treasure their support of Food & Words and appreciate their contribution.

Come on, we’d like to introduce you.

It goes without saying that Ovvio’s hand-blended, organic teas and tisanes taste good and are good for you. Founder, naturopath and tea geek Anthia Koullouros approaches everything she does with care and thoughtfulness, seeking out the best ingredients to create her teas and fuelled by the beliefs that good health and happiness go hand in hand; that food choices should be simple, instinctual, beautiful and natural; of the importance of respecting our cultural heritage; that organic should be the norm; that our cooking should enhance the nutritional value of the food we eat and that tea is a simple, nourishing elixir that everyone can enjoy. Order Ovvio Organics teas online at

It’s a now well-established fact that it’s caffeine, not love, that makes the world go round, so what would we do without the caffeinated support of The Little Marionette founder Edward Cutcliffe and his brilliant barista team, lead by gun head-roaster and yoga-loving Tyler Ritchie? (Collapse in a rather unsightly heap I imagine.) We love that TLM deals directly with coffee-growing farmers, partners with organisations doing good stuff in the field, and has a conscious and dynamic approach to sustainability across their business. So, for that career-changing barista training, to order their great coffee online and to find out about their London and New York outposts, visit the

Ovvio Organics

The Little Marionette

Potts Point Bookshop

David Lowe is the dynamic, magnetic owner, maker and do-er of the biodynamic Mudgee winery Lowe. Yep, the winery with the amazing cellar-door shed that has views that go forever and a beautiful garden. Yep, the one with a year-round calendar of events that are designed expressly for people who like to have fun. Yep, the winery that’s located right next door to one of Mudgee’s best restaurants, Zin House, the creation of David’s wife and partner in crime, Kim Currie. Yep, the one that makes a whole suite of wines, from premium, organic, single-block and award-winning shiraz to delicious quaffable and good value wines that dial up the absolute pleasure to be found at the dining table. You won’t find Lowe Wine at the supermarket bottle-o, so order online at

If you were to make a list of everything you desired of a bookshop – a considered and intelligent selection of books, book-loving and knowledgeable staff, book displays designed to entice, a congenial and attractive space, a vibrant meeting place for book lovers, and signage that celebrates the pun – it would only take one or two visits to Potts Point Bookshop for you to tick off everything on your list. The hard-working genius of PPB is Anna Low, a bookseller industry legend, a nurturer of talent (Simon, one of her book-loving and knowledgeable staff members was shortlisted this year for the Australian Booksellers Association Young Bookseller of the Year), and the woman behind the drool-worthy selection of food-only titles that is available at Food & Words. Pay the shop a visit, if only so that we can say ‘I told you so’. (Tip: get in before the hipsters descend. PPB was featured in June 2019 issue of Monocle.)

Lowe Wine

Murdoch Books

Thank you Murdoch Books, the vibrant, independent, Sydney-based lifestyle publisher, for generously providing a book as a gift to every audience member at Food & Words. The Murdoch Book mission is to partner with inspiring and talented authors and to share our Australian spirit and way of life with the world. We welcome two Murdoch Books authors to this year’s Food & Words program – Nino Zoccali and Sophie Hanson. Find out who else they publish at


BakeClub is a baking school that operates in both real and virtual time with face-to-face and e-learning classes on offer. Classes are designed for the beginner as well as the more experienced cook: you can learn how to make choux pastry as well study Science in Baking. The penultimate experience though is the six-month Make Me a Baker program, the only course of its kind in Australia. BakeClub founder Anneka Manning has a wealth of baking experience. She has worked as a food editor on many magazines and is author of several award-winning books, including Mastering the Art of Baking and BakeClass. She writes the monthly SBS Food online column, BakeProof. Anneka and her BakeClub team are baking the country morning tea for Food & Words.