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Author dinner and book launch: Venetian Republic with Nino Zoccali at Pendolino. September 13

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Mixed assagini

Venetian Prawn, Ricotta and Parsley Tramezzini

Šibenik Salt Cod Fritters with Sweet & Sour Vegetables

Harry’s Ionian Veal and Feta Bruschette


Seafood Assyrtiko Giouvetsi


Veronese Beef and Cherry Pastissada with Celeriac and Pancetta Gratin

Mixed Radicchio Salad


Valpolicella Spiced Pears with Poli Grappa Mascarpone

Note that each course is served with a matching wine and that tea and coffee are also included. 

An Italian-inspired dinner

Nino Zoccali's new book Venetian Republic explores the culinary influences of Venice on its Mediterranean neighbours, including the Veneto, Adriatic Croatia and the Greek Islands. Our menu will do the same.


A series of baking classes with a difference. Hear the story behind a recipe and learn how to bake it. A unique collaboration with Anneka Manning and BakeClub. 

Class details below

Cost $330. Book two classes and receive 15 per cent discount

Venue BakeClub, Rosebery 


Class details below

Cost $330. Book two classes and receive 15 per cent discount

Venue BakeClub, Rosebery 

A series of baking classes with a difference. Hear the story behind a recipe and learn how to bake it. A unique collaboration with Anneka Manning and BakeClub. 

Artwork: Evi-O

September 14
The Mint, Sydney

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2019 Writers’ Festival

BakeStory with 

A series of baking classes with a difference. Hear the story behind a recipe and learn how to bake it. A unique collaboration with Anneka Manning and BakeClub. 

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Learn the origins of this humble peat-fired loaf that now appears on the menu of some of the finest restaurants in the world. 

Irish Soda Bread has a wholesome quality and is a quick and easy bread to make. It’s one of those recipes that, once learned, will repay you in compliments every time you bake it. One of the most important ingredients in Irish Soda Bread is buttermilk, so we’ll explore the rich dairy tradition of the Irish farm and learn how butter – and buttermilk – is made.

This class is suitable for anyone who yearns to be a milkmaid and use buttermilk in baking with confidence, who loves simple bread baking, or who has an Irish heritage or knows someone who does. 

Irish Soda Bread

Sunday, August 25

1pm to 4.30pm

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Learn about the sweet meat that dates back to medieval times. 

We’ll be making a panforte according to the oldest recipe our history research unearths and also explore contemporary versions of this simple, spicy fruit and nut flat cake. It seems that every cook has a variation to this cake. With an understanding of the basic technique, you will be able to create a recipe for panforte that you can call your own. 

This class is suitable for anyone who has visited, or yearns to visit the birthplace of panforte, Siena, who wants to make an extravagant and luscious baked Christmas gift, or who simply loves discovery and baking. Photography Alan Benson Baking/styling Anneka Manning


Sunday, October 20

1pm to 4.30pm

The creator of the real and online baking school BakeClub, is an extraordinary baker and communicator. She has worked as an author, food editor, consultant, teacher and publisher on newspapers and magazines, including Gourmet Traveller and The Australian Women’s Weekly. Her books include BakeClass and Mastering the Art of Baking. In her classes, Anneka’s focus is on the ‘why’ behind the ‘how’ of baking, giving home cooks the know-how, understanding and skill to bake with confidence and success, every time. Anneka believes that baking is something to be valued, and, ultimately, shared. “Baking,” she says, “can enrich people’s lives and connect them with the people they love.” Photography Luisa Brimble

  • THREE AND HALF HOURS of expert baking advice, insights, guidance, inspiration and the inside baking story with Anneka Manning and Barbara Sweeney 
  • Baking in the state-of-the-art BakeClub kitchen in Rosebery, Sydney 
  • Your chance to discuss, explore and have your baking questions answered 
  • Invaluable recipe and information kit to take home 
  • Delicious tastings throughout the class 
  • Afternoon tea 
  • Take-home box with samples of goodies baked in the class 
  • Baking confidence, knowledge and skill to take home, keep and use regularly in your own kitchen 
  • A fun and engaging afternoon surrounded by like-minded people 

During the hands-on part of this class, you’ll work in small groups, making this a great way to meet like-minded bakers. Or, perhaps this is a perfect excuse to share the class with a friend and spend some quality time together! You'll leave the class with new-found skills and confidence, copies of all the recipes, and a brain filled with practical tips, funny stories and kitchen wisdom. 


What you’ll get

Anneka Manning

Practice makes perfect

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Scones and afternoon tea at North Sydney

Sunday March 11, 2018

Food & Words puts a lifetime of reading about food into practice with cooking classes that draw on hacks gleaned from the world’s best food writers and recipes that we know work. The classes revolve around storytelling: tall tales and true from a life in food.

What they’re saying:

Wow, what a day. It was one helluva pastry class. Thank you Barbara for sharing your bountiful knowledge and fun. —Mickey Robertson, Glenmore House

It was a great class. I learned so much and the quiches that were made were delicious. Thank you for a wonderful day. —Debbie M

Date Sunday, June 24, 2018

Time 10am to 4pm

Venue North Sydney Community Centre

It’s time to rise to the challenge of making pastry. With only two or three ingredients, it cannot be easier and the results are nothing short of spectacular. Using ingredients bought direct from farmers – yes, even the wheat, make three shortcrust pastry recipes from different cookery writers’ recipe books that demonstrate three different methods. Make a quiche and a savoury tart to enjoy with a fresh salad for lunch as well as a freeform sweet tart. You’ll make some homemade pastry to take home to continue your pastry making skills.

Queen of Tarts

Date Sunday, October 14, 2018

Time 10am to 1pm

Venue North Sydney Community Centre

Buttery and flaky, puff pastry is the most revered – and feared – of the pastries. In this hands-on class, you will be guided, step by buttery step, through the recipe and we guarantee, you will prevail. It may be a skill that you won’t employ often, but as a cook, it’s worth making puff pastry at least once.

The open puff pastry asparagus, pea and feta tart pictured here, is a menu constant at Michael Rantissi’s Kepos Street Kitchen in Redfern. The recipe appears in Hummus & Co., written by Michael and Kristy Frawley, and this photograph serves as an inducement to all aspiring cooks who’d like to serve something as beaufiful as this to their guests. 

Join us. 

Kitchen basics: puff pastry

Date: August 15, 2017

Venue: No 1 Bent Street, Sydney

Food & Words is a one-day writers’ festival. Where it's different to other writers' festivals is that all the authors on the program write, to some degree, about food. It means a soil scientist could share the stage with a farmer, poet, historian or cookery book author.

The festival is open to anyone who likes to read about, discuss and consume food (that’s you, right?).

It’s aimed at the enthusiast, the obsessed, the curious, and the interested. 

Since starting in 2012, Food & Words has featured some of Australia’s best food writing talent. You can view the calibre of speakers on the Gallery page.  

An insider's guide to wine

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Learn about the tradition of nun’s egg yolk bakery and the secrets to flaky pastry. 

A hand-baked Portuguese Custard Tart in all its burnished glory will spoil you for any other tart. These small finger tarts boast the perfect custard to flaky pastry shell ratio and, with the waft fresh ground nutmeg, are a sensual delight. We’ll explore the story behind these sweet tarts and learn about their place in the baking pantheon. 

This class is suitable for anyone who’s eaten a Portuguese tart for breakfast, who loves baking and reading, or is an amateur sleuth who likes to get to the heart of the matter, whether it’s history or baking. Photography Alan Benson Baking/styling Anneka Manning

Portuguese Custard Tarts

Sunday, June 30

1pm to 4.30pm

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