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We always acknowledge the creators of any photographs or illustrations used on the site ‘cos they’re usually by our friends and it’s just and right. Thank you to Sam McAdam, the official Food & Words writers’ festival photographer from the get-go. Erica Vera Williams covered Food & Words in 2014 when Sam had her hands full with a new baby and Samantha Mackie took over the reins in 2016. Thanks gals for the masterful job you've done. 


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Can I join the team?

We’re not seeking to fill any jobs at Food & Words at present, but we do hire for big events. Those jobs are listed as they become available, so keep an eye out.

We can offer internships in food writing, events and marketing – if they make sense to all parties. Interested? Send an email

We’re always on the lookout for exceptional presenters who have a thing for food and words.
If you know someone, you know what to do.  


About Us

The team

Funny how, when you get an idea, your friends and family gather around like months to a flame to help you realise it. Food & Words has had its fair share of supporters and believers. Thank you.

You know who you are.

Special thanks to Nicola D’Alpuget, an encouraging voice from the get-go; Sharna St Leon, a wise friend, good counsel and event organiser of prodigious talent, incredible efficiency, style and aplomb; Brian Doherty and Jane Richens, Lisa Hoerlein, and Melanie Feddersen of i2i Design, for graphics and web design in the early days; Mary Barr, who saw the need for a social media strategy and then went a got a better job; and Roxane Lancaster for always being an enthusiastic supporter and good friend.

Who’s responsible for these
knuckle-headed ideas?

Barbara Sweeney. A Sydney-based foodwriter with a thing for food and books. Barbara writes about food, farmers, chefs and restaurants for a living. You can read her work here.  She also haunts second-hand bookshops in pursuit of lovely old and tattered tomes. And she likes to cook. Her favourite job is as a honey judge at the National Honey Show, held annually at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

What is Food & Words?

Here at Food & Words we’re interested in both food and writing and we organise food events with a literary bent, including an annual writers’ festival held in September.

All our events are gathering places for people interested in food, words and books, cookery books, books about food and more. You can find out about the festival and other events by clicking on the relevant tab on the menu and we’d be thrilled if you signed up for our newsletter, which we have, till now, failed to send seasonally.

Our Courses

'Each weekly get-together was a warm celebration and such an incentive to keep writing.'  —Susan M, Write with Intent student