Food writers' festival

Food & Words 2016

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We launch with an evening event on September 9

The food writers’ festival is on September 10

Both events will be held at The Mint, Macquarie Street, Sydney

Supported by Founding Partner Sydney Living Museums and Le Cordon Bleu

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Food & Words turns five this year. It’s a milestone that’s worth celebrating. And an achievement that we’re proud of here at Food & Words HQ, especially since we’re small (very small) and independently run. The success is due to the hundreds of you who’ve supported the event in its short lifetime by buying a ticket and also to our prescient partners who have been behind us every step of the way.

If you’re new to the fold, Food & Words is a one-day food writers’ festival. Our remit is to give air to food writers and their writing and to engage in discussion with them about their work and ideas. Yes, you’ll see chefs and cooks who’ve written cookbooks on the program. Who isn’t interested in great food and how to make it for dinner? But we’re also really mad for those writers who work in other food territories – the historians, gastronomes, scientists and storytellers who are interested in wrestling other food-related facts and fantasies to the ground.

The event is aimed at readers. Those of us who put the latest novel, autobiography or history book aside (unless it has a tasty morsel within) in favour of a title to do with food. It can be something fun, or meaty or just straight out fascinating. And the topic fills out a sliver of the enormous and endlessly fascinating world of food. Does that sound a little obsessive and remind you of someone you know?

The event was started in 2012 on little more than a wing and a prayer. In the past four years it has featured some of Australia’s best food writing talent. Guest speakers have included chefs Peter Gilmore (Quay), Martin Benn (Sepia) and Christine Manfield, cookery book writers Belinda Jeffery and Michelle Cranston, writers Charlotte Woods, Kate Llewellyn, Mungo MacCallum, John Newton and Gay Bilson, colonial gastronomer Jacquie Newling, and food producers who also write, Dee Nolan (Nolan Olive Oil) and Laura Dalrymple (Feather & Bone). Check out the archives to read about everyone who’s taken part over the years and the ‘Listen’ page.

We’re still deep in the planning for the 2016 event and should have some speakers names to share with you very, very soon. It’s looking good folks.

Food & Words is supported by Foundation Partner Simply Living Museums and international culinary arts educator Le Cordon Bleu.


A dynamic and varied program of 10+ speakers + an inspired lunch and very more-ish morning and afternoon tea + wine with lunch and tea and coffee through the day + a snazzy venue + a bookish gift bag =$265


Details coming soon…

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Food & Words 2015. AT TOP: Chef Michael Rantissi from Sydney’s Kepos Street Kitchen chats to Anna Low at the Potts Point Bookshop stand. Michael signed copies of his first book Falafel for Breakfast, created the lunch menu and conducted a hummus smackdown. ON LEFT, FROM TOP: Martin Benn from Sepia chats after his session; a trio, including speakers Francesca Newby, refuel with coffee from The Little Marionette; Donna donned one of Chilly Phil’s crocheted food hats (a choc mint ice-cream?); books galore; enthralled. ABOVE: Antics from author and broadcaster Hilary Burden, who talked about her writing life in Tasmania; writer’s topics range near and far at Food & Words. Here, MC Joanna Savill introduces Noëlle Janaczewska’s talk on thistles and North Korea, one of the most riveting sessions of the day.