An annual event

Food & Words 2012


Food & Words, a gathering place for food nerds

how it came to be 

The idea for Food & Words did come to me in a dream. It is a combination of my two loves – books (the reading and enjoyment of good writing) and food (the cooking, talking about and consuming of it). But more than that, it was reaching out to the community of people I knew where there, who had the same two loves.

what I want it to be  

START THE CONVERSATION At Food & Words, speakers are invited to stay for the whole day. That may mean you get to sit next to a speaker – Chris Manfield, Gay Bilson. Peter Gilmore – in the room or at morning tea, or at lunch. Close proximity means being able to start a conversation. Now that, is priceless.

YOUR TRIBE Finding others who are as interested in food, reading, books, cooking and the endless, fascinating minutiae of the food world.

CHILLAX When was the last time you took a day out? To immerse yourself in something you love? To reconnect with something that matters to you? To just feed yourself?

the program

fleeting moments

The Walrus and The Carpenter, a recital

writer Charlotte Wood on oysters

cookbook author and baking maven Belinda Jeffery on the Zen of baking

marie claire author Michele Cranston on light


a substantial bite 

writer and man who eats for a living John Newton on Eric Rolls

former restaurateur and writer Gay Bilson on

How Much Food Does a Man Need?

political commentator and author Mungo MacCallum on picnics

Paul Van Reyke sing’s Lyle Lovatt’s Church – solo and unaccompanied



chef Alex Herbert and associate publisher Catherine Milne on creating a cookbook

jam princess and author Cathy Armstrong on America

Simon Cootes on quirky cooking and food ephemera from State Library of NSW


the hard yards

olive oil grower and author Dee Nolan on food on the road

City of Sydney historian Laila Ellmoos on fruit and nut stalls

Ewan McEoin, The Locavore Edition, on big ideas/small producers



Sat 13 Oct 2012

10:00 am

The Mint, 10 Macquarie Street,


Speakers at the 2013 event included Paul Allam and David McGuinness from Bread & Butter Project (left), Rohan Anderson of Whole Larder Love (right)