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Nick Haddow at Food & Words

posted 16 July 2017
Milk. Made. CVR copy

Milk. Made (Hardie Grant Books), by Bruny Island Cheese Company’s Nick Haddow delivers a lot of bang for your buck. Much like his cheese, this book is truly individual. This is, after all, the guy who offers his raw milk cheese C2 for adoption.
With little pomp and plenty of ceremony Nick walks the reader through the world of cheese and it’s a serious, at times sentimental, and impassioned stroll. The book is not designed to be encyclopaedic; it’s there to make better cheese buyers and eaters of us all and the recipes, beautifully photographed by Alan Benson, like Nick’s carefully crafted prose, offer more than enough incentive for the reader to seek out and enjoy standout Australian-made and international cheeses.
Nick is on the Food & Words program along with…
FOOD & WORDS program
Mark Best, from Bistro by Mark Best on the Genting and World Dreams and author of Marque; A Culinary Adventure and Best Kitchen Basics.
Nick Haddow, Bruny Island Cheese Co. and author of award-winning book Milk. Made.
Sam Vincent, an award-winning farmer-writer whose work appears regularly in The Monthy.
Luisa Brimble and Sarah Glover, photographer and chef, who ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to self-published their cookbook Wild.
Monday Morning Cooking Club, a collaborative cooking project that is about sisterhood, heirloom recipes and community.
Brenda Fawdon and Christine Sharp, a cook and food writer (Brenda) and performer, illustrator, creative writer and photographer (Christine) combo.
{stay tuned, more to come...}


Let’s talk truffles

posted 11 May 2016
Lean Timms French Black Truffles of Canberra (2) copy

Many people have suggested I take Food & Words on the road (thanks for the idea, y’all) but I haven’t till now because I didn’t know where to start (not in a geographically-challenged way mind). As it turned out, all I need was an invitation and that came from the fine folk from the international culinary arts educator Le Cordon Bleu. Mais oui.
“Hey Barb, let’s take Food & Words on the road.”
Out first stop is Canberra. In July, When it’s nice and cold. When truffle farmers from around the region, with the help of Sally, Biddy and Joe, their furry friends, dig the subterranean fungi out from among the roots of their hazelnut trees.
That’s how Truffles: Scents and Sensibilities came into being. A chef (Rodney Dunn, from Tassie’s The Agrarian Kitchen), an academic (Le Cordon Bleu’s Dr Roger Haden, who knows his scents) and a food writer (moi), talking truffles for your amusement and edification. We’ve added a second chef into the mix, a really good one, who’s preparing lunch [executive chef Sean McConnell of Monster Kitchen and Bar at Hotel Hotel enters stage left].
To read more about the speakers and book your ticket, click here.
We’d love to have you join us.
Thank you to the lovely Lean Timms from for the beautiful image. It was taken at French Black Truffles of Canberra in the Majura Valley.