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Provenance Growers at Food & Words

posted 23 July 2016
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Sometime in 2013, Paulette Whitney of Provenance Growers started using photo-sharing app Instagram to show people what she and partner Matt Deakin were doing on their property at Neika, south-west of Hobart. People, including me, lapped it up and in little over a year she’d garnered nearly 10,000 followers. It’s now almost double that.
Paulette posts pictures and writes short stories about the 500 unusual edible flowers and lesser known plants, such as celtuce, ashitaba, rock samphire and sweet cicely, latin names and all, that she and Matt grow.
It’s an ideal medium for farmers. “Social media makes you feel less alone,” Paulette says. “We’re out picking all day and only see other people at the school bus stop or on weekends. Instagram is a great way to meet people and learn from each other.”
Provenance Growers sells at the Salamanca Market in Hobart and supplies some of the city’s top restaurants. She’s appearing at Food & Words 2016.
Check out Paulette’s blog here and Instagram feed here
The image above appeared in Country Style in March, 2014. Photograph by Sharyn Cairns. Flowers, clockwise from top left, are skirret, blue chicory, fennel, white borage, ‘Ruby Streak’ mustard leaf, blue borage.