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Talking Cookbook

posted 19 December 2013

I did a year of Talking Cookbook at Eveleigh Farmers Market. I’d stand at my stall waiting for people to come along and ask a food, ingredient, or cooking question. Got lots of quizzical looks.

I don’t remember what the impetus was for making that first call to then-market organiser Kathy Tilbury, but she was enthusiastic in her response. A few weeks later I was shopping for felt with my friend Kate and making a colourful cloth in which to dress my stall. Kate made some bouncy signs (one featured a spectacular spelling error that made people laugh) and talked about making felt fruit and vegetable shapes to decorate the cloth. That hasn’t happened yet, but is an idea to be revived when either of us gets the time.

The idea was to talk about food. Not from the vantage of an expert, but a fellow shopper and cook. It was done in the spirit of knowing that many people are no longer learning how to cook at home and don’t have someone around to ask questions of. I learned to cook as a child, watching Granny make scones and my father experiment from cookbooks. I took myself off to the market in the spirit of a granny or mum, even though I am neither. If someone had a food, ingredient or cooking question, they could ask me.

PS I’m not a know-it-all, but I do know a lot.