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The Crusader – and bush goddess

posted 7 August 2016
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PENNIE SCOTT is a force for change, a green crusader, and a whirlwind of action. She farms free-range pigs at her farm, Springview Eco-Farm, in southwest NSW and was instrumental in starting the Eat Local Thursday, a farmers’ market in Wagga Wagga. She has researched the state of our food system and found it wanting.
We asked Pennie why she does what she does.
‘Why do I do what I do? For love of my country. Holiistic, connected, thriving ecosystems in all their splendour motivate me to advocate for chemical and GMO-free food systems and the most effective vehicle I know to educate people about the importance is food.
The foods we choose to eat have either a direct positive or, most frequently, a negative impact on the surrounding landscapes; so many choices are made in ignorance with dire consequences for future generations.
Emotions generally inspire purchasing decisions and I aim to speak eloquently and from my heart about why everyone needs to be aware of the consequences of their actions AND by providing an alternative to supermarkets for purchasing ethical, chemical and GMO-free foods; doing so makes a world of difference.’