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What I’m reading now…

posted 9 August 2016
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The first book about food that Ovvio Organics founder Anthia Koullouros remembers reading from beginning to end, when she was about 11, was Paavo Airola’s book How to get Well.
“I’ve still got it. It talked about the difference between synthetic vitamins and getting vitamins from your food. I was a little hypochondriac. I’d read through the symptoms and think, ‘I’ve got that’, ‘I’ll do that’. I was a practitioner in the making.
“I don’t buy whole food or health food cookbooks. I buy normal, everyday cookbooks. I grew up in a Cypriot household where making our own yoghurt, pickles and bread was normal. Right now I’m reading (sexy Swedish TV star and food writer) Lotta Lundgren’s If I Were Your Wife: or how to make every day taste like Saturday (New Holland). It’s gorgeous. It reads like poetry and the recipes are beautiful.
“The cover shot is a woman dressed in a satin evening dress. Her wrists are heavy with circles of pearl bracelets and she has rings on her fingers – and in her hand, a leg of lamb” (or is it a haunch of venison?).
Anthia published her own book on real, normal, tasty, everyday food that’s good for you but not health food I Am Food (Penguin/Lantern). We’re proud that Anthia will be part of Food & Words writers’ festival on September 9-10, where she’ll serve a selection of hot and cold Ovvio Organics teas, selected especially for the event.

Cookbook collections

posted 4 October 2013
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I am the owner of a few hundred cookbooks. The rule is that they all have to fit into the designated bookcase, which means if I buy a new cookbook an old one has to go. I subvert the rule constantly. Not only has the bookcase itself grown larger over the years but books are double shelved, tucked in horizontally and stacked on top. And still she does not stop. My latest obsession is second-hand cookbooks. You can pick up classic early-edition books at bargain prices and get your hands on a title or author you always meant to buy, but didn’t (Waverly Root, where are you?).

I know this is an obsession that many share. What is it about a good cookbook?