Countdown: 40 days

posted 11 August 2014

There’s lots to do here at Food & Words as we count down the days to September 20. But along with those inevitable moments of fear (yep, that old chestnut), there are moments of sheer pleasure and joy.

The main joy, for me (it’s Barbara here), is working with the speakers on what they are going to talk about. The ideas, the excitement, the sheer possibilities that exist for their 15-minutes.

Some speakers admit they are nervous, other’s could ‘keep talking even if they had a mouth full of marbles’. Having more than 10 speakers take the stage provides an incredible diversity of content and styles, which is one of the things that makes Food & Words what it is.

We’re in the process of talking to everyone and writing up more about each speaker and their topic and will post it as we go – be on the lookout for first posts this week.

Bring a friend – our shout

posted 7 August 2014

Buy your ticket to Food & Words 2014 by midnight Saturday August 9 and get 1) a modest discount and 2) the chance to win a comp ticket. You can bring a friend – our shout.
We want to share the love, so came up with the plan of offering a complimentary ticket to one lucky winner. If you buy your ticket within this window, from now till midnight Saturday August 9, you’ll go into the draw to win a second ticket – on us.
In the past two years of the event, we’ve noticed lots of people come on their own and either find that they know someone else, a fellow food lover, or make new friends. We’ve also noticed friends, in pairs or groups of three or four, who’ve organised themselves to come for the day because they know it’s a great day out and a great day off.
Book here.


Who to invite in 2014?

posted 7 January 2014

It was held back in October, but the day lives on in memory and tasks still to be tackled as the year rolls over into 2014 and planning for this year’s Food & Words begin. Who to invite, that’s the big question. Any ideas?

And then, of course, there is a multitude of tasks to get started on. Too tedious by half. But, like anything, once you start the enjoyment comes. It’s the getting started that is the challenge.
I can retire gracefully from the task today and without guilt as I’m moving house and have boxes to pack. Will resume thinking about the festival when that’s all done and dusted. (Could I have come up with any more cliches, I ask?)